100 Ways You Might Be A MilSpouse If (51-100) #ReconRendezvous

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Are you ready for Part Two of this series? Get ready to laugh. (And don’t fear if you missed the first half… Just click here to read it and get all caught up.)

100 ways

51. The sound of an incoming Skype call makes your heart flutter.

52. Every now and then you sigh with relief when hubby leaves for the field so you can get your house back to the way you want it.

53. You know the exact date you got pregnant because he was in training before and after!

54. You’ve ever worn your husband’s Kevlar & combat boots, armed with a can of hairspray, to kill a humongous spider.

55. You can’t find a pen so you check the pockets of his uniforms in the hamper.

56. The first thing you do after finding out your next duty station is to post it on Facebook to find out who has been/is currently stationed there so you can get the low down.

57. No matter where you are, who you’re with, or what you are doing, your phone never goes on silent if he’s away.

58. Your child’s room looks like an armory for nerf guns.

59. Your husband’s fix for any and every ailment is to “take a knee, drink some water, and rub some dirt in it.”

60. There’s always at least one box that goes missing in each PCS, and it contained a power cable, bed screws, bike pedals, and/or other important stuff that you can’t live without and must repurchase.

61. The box with the stuff you wouldn’t mind going missing is always the first one off the truck and the first one you open.

62. You don’t know any of your husband’s friends first names, just their last names.

63. You get choked up when you hear the National Anthem.

64. Your husband doesn’t meet your baby until he/she is 5 months old.

65. Your toddler knows how to respond to commands such as “Attention,” “Parade Rest,” and “Fall out.”

66. You choose a nice, caring, older woman in the community to be the emergency contact for your children at school…and then forget to tell her!

67. You have an intense love/hate relationship with white buses.

68. Countdowns are part of almost every day life.

69. You keep all the irreplaceable items at your parent’s house because you’re too scared the movers will lose/destroy them.

70. You have at least one tote that is full of only curtains, making about 50 different sets, which don’t fit your current house. You don’t part with them because some day, you may land in a house where those curtains will work again.

71. You are the only one in your southern neighborhood with a snow shovel and proper sled for when you get those two inches of snow that paralyzes the community.

72. You have someone to visit in just about every corner of the world.

73. You understand that a ten-minute conversation once a week can be the most precious ten minutes of the week.

74. You laugh when someone says long distance relationships never work.

75. You have a favorite MRE.

76. You actually know what an MRE is.

77. You don’t ask questions when your husband gets a phone call at 2 am and then leaves.

78. You open your cupboards and expect to see neat stacks of 12 place settings (because you’re a perfectionist, type A, with borderline OCD tendencies), but instead see: 11 plates, 5 cereal bowls, 5 mugs, 11 tumblers and 3 wine glasses. And yet your ugly old crock pot remains unscathed. Meh!

79. Yard Sale season is the highlight of your social life!

80. You’ve ever had your vitals taken by someone who looks like he could be your son.

81. Amazon, UPS, USPS are your closest friends.

82. You know 23 women who are pregnant at this very moment.

83. You know what a “curb alert!!” is.

84. You’ve ever ruck marched “just for fun.”

85. You’ve perfected the art of smiling and nodding through “Mandatory Fun.”

86. You see a small white car is behind you and you automatically think it’s an MP.

87. Your watch and phone and car clock are set to military time.

88. You know that him telling you that you have “awesome ruck marching feet” is a compliment, not an insult.

89. You plan storage in a house based on needed space for TA-50.

90. Your kids call daddy a “hero.”

91. You’ve ever used AMERICA as a verb.

92. You plan vacations around the military’s “schedule,” such as holiday/summer block leave.

93. You have so many little blue moving stickers on your stuff that you actually consider crafting with them!

94. Tripping over his boots and sweeping up coffee grounds in the kitchen doesn’t bother you, but instead fills you with joy–because that means he’s HOME!

95. You know the power behind these three words: “WE GOT ORDERS.”

96. You realize why your house isn’t as clean as it usually is–your Spring Cleaning list is really your Pre PCS list and you’ve lived in this house for 4 years, longer than any other home since you were a child.

97. Your husband’s alarm is set to the tune of “Revelry” and he practically has to peel you off the ceiling every single morning when it goes off.

98. Your expectations at the beginning of a deployment versus the end of a deployment are drastically different. And all you can do is laugh about it.

99. You know that reintegration is the most awesomely-hard thing EVER.

100. You laughed out loud, shouted “SOLIDARITY!” or got goosebumps reading any of the items in the previous list.

So readers, what do you think?  Which one was your favorite? Which do you relate to the most? Chime in and leave a comment below. 

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  1. Shelby Lorenzen July 4, 2016 2:00 pm

    #80 and it was more than vitals! 😳 General rule…avoid eye contact.

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