100 Years and Counting – Part One

I am a Big Red One Spouse.

If you’ve been to any kind of ceremony on Fort Riley in the recent past, you have probably heard something similar to that. This year, the 1st Infantry Division is celebrating its 100 year anniversary and it’s not to be outdone.

The official anniversary is June 8th, but the BRO (Big Red One) was deployed to Iraq at the time so festivities were postponed until now. Over the next two weeks, events will be taking place both on Fort Riley and in other locations to celebrate.

So what? What’s the big deal?

Without ruining the story, the 1st Infantry Division has a pretty storied past and soldiers today are continuing to make history as we speak. To avoid a history lesson, here’s the BRO history in a snapshot (and some of my own words).

  • June 8, 1917 – organized in New York, New York as the First Expeditionary Division
  • July 4th – marched through Paris after sailing from the states for involvement in WWI
  • July 6th – re-designated the First Division
  • WWI – the first shell of war and first casualties sustained by the division, was still involved when Armistice was signed on November 11, 1918
  • August 1, 1942 – First Division reorganized and designated as the 1st Infantry Division
  • November 8, 1942 – entered WWII as part of “Operation Torch”
  • May 9, 1943 – German commander of “Afrika Korps” surrenders and BRO soldiers move to Sicily as part of “Operation Husky”
  • July 10 – beach storming at Gela, overpowered Italian forces and then pushed back 100 tanks of the Herman Goering Tank Division to capture Troina, opened the allied road
  • June 6, 1944 – D-Day – stormed Omaha Beach then liberated Liege, Belgium
  • October 21 – the first major German city, Aachen, was attacked and the German commander surrendered to the BRO
  • December 16 – Battle of the Bulge – held critical hinge of the Bulge while destroying multiple hundreds of enemy tanks

    Battle of the Bulge
    image – nationalww2museum.org

  • May 8, 1945 – end of World War II
  • While most soldiers returned home, BRO soldiers remained in Germany until 1955 while participating in the Nuremburg War Crime Trials
  • After transitioning out with 10th Infantry Division, the 1st ID settled back into Fort Riley, Kansas and set up basic training and advanced individual training for new soldiers.
  • “If you’re going to be one, be a Big Red One” began the unofficial motto as the unit expanded to a combat status after the Berlin Wall was placed in 1961.
  • October 1962 – 1st ID stood guard for the Cuban Missile Crisis in forward positions in Florida and Operation Long Thrust deployed troops to Berlin
  • July 12, 1965 – arrived in Vietnam
  • The 1st ID participated in ongoing operations that included Bushmaster I, Bushmaster II, Junction City, Cedar Falls, Ap Cha Do and Manhattan, which uncovered one of the largest weapons and ammo caches of the war on April 23rd, 1967.
  • April 7, 1968 – conducted largest operation of Vietnam War: Operation Toan Thang (Certain Victory), included all allied troops
  • August-September 1969 – participated in numerous battles on Thunder Road, including sending the 1st ID band to march along the road to intimidate the Viet Cong
  • April 1970 – BRO returned to Fort Riley

    Huey in Vietnam
    image – 1stid.org

  • February 24, 1991 – led the armored attack in Iraq as part of Operation Desert Storm
  • May 10, 1991 – 1st ID colors returned to Fort Riley after securing site for the cease-fire agreements

As I continue to learn about this Division, I’m more proud to be affiliated with this organization.

The history continues….


Information from https://www.1stid.org/historyindex.php


About Mindy King

Mindy is a medically retired veteran, Army wife and mother of two little boys. Currently residing at Fort Riley, but past locations have included Katterbach, Germany; Fort Hood, Texas; Taji, Al Asad and KV, Iraq. She has served in multiple different roles to include FRL (Family Readiness Liaison), Rear Detachment First Sergeant, FRG Co-leader, historian and key caller. She is an active volunteer with the National Military Family Association, American Legion, VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), Photos for Soldiers and the FRG. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, scrap booking, taking pictures and writing on her own blog about her personal experiences as both a former soldier and an active duty spouse.

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