Do REAL Work From Home Jobs Exist?

For the last few years, military spouse employment has been a hot topic because there is currently a 26% unemployment rate. The unreliable schedules and frequent moving of military life make it a challenge to present a resume that makes sense to civilian employers. However, work from home positions offer a career that can work with the demands of your life. The question is: do legitimate work from home jobs even exist? The answer is yes.

Do Your Homework

While landing a job that provides flexibility may be your way back into the workplace, finding that work from position might be tough. In the day and age of modern technology, scams exist throughout the internet so you must be careful and picky about which jobs you apply for. For example, if a company is asking you to pay for a position, it is most likely a scam. Where can you look for credible openings?

My favorite website to use is because hey screen the jobs they post to ensure they are authentic. The Rat Race website categorizes jobs by industry, which makes it easy to find the particular job you’re looking for. Further, they have a section for new daily positions that become available so you can stay on top of who is hiring and for what. Next, another great resource is Flexjobs. Please note, they are a paid site so only utilize it for serious inquiries.  Lastly, reading blogs of others who make a living from their home could provide you with tips for those who share a common lifestyle.

You Found the Job, Now How Do You Make It Work

Executive Director of the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network, Erin Voirol, is an Army wife who has worked from home for seven years. She shared that “initially, working from home can often times be challenging. Ensuring that you are organized and set working hours that your friends and family adhere to can be a big help. Plus, having a dedicated work space that is separate from any potential distractions can also be helpful.” We often here from spouses that they don’t feel like their families understand that they are actually working when they are at home, so the spouse ends up pulled in different directions. If you are on the clock, focus only on work. Save the household duties for the hours you block off for chores.

Recap of the best practices for succeeded when your work life crosses paths with your home life:

  • Set up a designated space that is solely for your work
  • Create a schedule where you block off the times you will work
  • Include your family in understanding what the expectations of your job are

Working from home is a great fit for some, but may not work for others so make sure you evaluate if it is a good fit for your life. Flexibility does not always mean easier. If you thrive independently you can succeed at establish a career that does not demand a specific location. Military spouses can definitely attest to the joy of a position that is portable; as long as you evaluate what type of job you are seeking, research the companies making the offer, and apply the tools outlined here, you, too can succeed in working from home.

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  1. Kyle G posted the following on March 3, 2014 at 8:19 am.

    My father was in the military and I can tell you at times it was extremely tough for my mother. However I disagree with you and believe families can be very understanding!

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