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We look for our featured blogs to:

  • Be positive
  • Be free from overly political or religious tones
  • Be helpful, resourceful, informative, and professional

That said, when you click-through below, you are leaving ArmyWifeNetwork.com and visiting other bloggers’ sites. We have no control over what they post, but we will delete blogs from this list if it comes to our attention that our guidelines for being featured here are not met.

o A Boy, A Girl, and the Marine Corps
A Military Story
o Army Dad
o Army Tankers Wife
o Army Wife 101
o Finding My Way
o G.I. Joe’s Wife
o Home Is Where God Sends You
o Household 6 Diva
o Hooah Wife
o InDependent
o Jo, My Gosh!
Life Lessons of a Military Wife
o Married To The Army
o Marrying the Army
o MovinGal
o Ms. MommyHH6
o The Monday Box
o Oh Joy, 4 Boys!
o One Army Wife’s Tale
o Our Content Nest
o Sergeant Major Mom
o Soldier Girl Army Wife
Soldiers Wife Crazy Life
The Albrecht Squad
The Beless Family
The C.N. Salute Blog
The Direction Diva
The Patriotic Pam
o Twinisms
World Traveling Military Family

o Army Live
o Blog Brigade on MilitaryOneSource.mil
o Blue Star Families
o Christian Military Wives’ Wives in Bloom
o Her War, Her Voice!
o Jenny Spouse
o Love Military Life
o MilAve’s Letters to You
o MOAA’s Making it in the MilLife®
o Off the Base
o Operation Write Home
o Salute To Your Service
o Spouse Buzz
o Spouse Calls
o True Military Wives Confessions
o While You Were Away

o Military Spouse Foundation
o MSCCN Career Navigation

o Military Retirement & Financial Independence
o My Military Mommy
o The Paycheck Chronicles
o USAA’s Military Spouse Community

o Guide to Military Travel


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