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Army Wife Network has had many spouses ask questions about ‘command sponsorship’.  What is it? How do we get command sponsored?  Well, we have found you those answers. This is a page full of information we have gathered about command sponsorship. This information was obtained from the Family Travel Branch of 1st PERSCOM.  Here are the basics of command sponsorship:

Family members who travel to overseas command under Government orders will be automatically command sponsored effective on their date of arrival into the command.  All others must request command sponsorship.

The following requirements are necessary for a family member to become command sponsored:

a. Sponsor must be serving a 36-month tour.  This requirement cannot be waived.
b. Sponsor must have 12 months remaining on tour.
c. Family member must meet criteria to qualify as a dependent as indicated in Appendix A, Volume 1, Joint Federal Travel Regulation.
d. Family member must be screened through the Exceptional Family Member Program and cleared to reside in the soldier’s community of assignment.

Requests for command sponsorship will be forwarded to 1st PERSCOM Family Travel Branch ONLY when an exception to policy is required or when there are Exceptional Family Members. Requests for command sponsorship that must be sent to 1st PERSCOM will include the following documentation:a. DA Form 4187 requesting command sponsorship or conditional command sponsorship must include the following information:

(1)  Reason for request and date of circumstance which caused action to be initiated (marriage, adoption, etc.).
(2)  Date soldier arrived overseas.
(3)  DEROS Date.
(4)  ETS.
(5)  Whether or not soldier is on assignment instructions.
(6)  Why soldier cannot extend to meet 12-month requirement; i.e., soldier is on assignment instructions, soldier will reach RCP within 12 months, etc.
(7)  Name of family member(s) for whom command sponsorship is requested.
(8)  Date family member(s) arrived in command.
(9)  Date soldier acquired quarters in area of assignment.
(10)  Current location of family members.
(11)  Whether or not family members are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program.

b.  Marriage license, court documents, or other such documentation  relating to family member.
c.  Current ERB/ORB.
d. PCS orders and all amendments.**NOTE: Non-command sponsored family members do not have the same entitlements as command sponsored family members.  Until command sponsorship is granted, the dependent must travel to and from the United States at his or her own expense and, if he or she so chooses, remain with the sponsor at his or her own expense (or at the expense of the sponsor).

Click here for a helpful “Moving to Germany” guide,
which will help command sponsored families make a smooth transition
-created by Elizabeth George of The Military Concierge Company

Web sites
Military Homefront: DOD’s official source for installation and state resources
Defense Travel Management Office
8th Army Command Sponsorship Program FB page

Visit our Resource Database and look through our Housing category or search the keyword “moving.”

We hope that this answers many of your questions about command sponsorship. If you have any more questions concerning command sponsorship you can contact the Family Travel Branch, 1st PERSCOM via email  Army Wife Network is also available to help you find answers to your unanswered questions.

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