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How Much Home Should You Buy: Four Tips to Help You Decide

By Dawn M. Smith, MilitaryByOwner It’s so much fun! Scrolling homes for sale, that is. Admiring photos of pristine white kitchens, envisioning yourself floating in a high-end backyard oasis pool, and mentally reconfiguring the master closet to add an island. These visions of grandeur, they’re all part of the home shopping process. After all, you’re […]

Holiday Prep Tips for the First Time Host

By Dawn M. Smith Good for you! Either eagerly by choice or by default and with reluctance, you’ve decided to take on your very first holiday event as a host! There’s so much to get done. You’ll need a good chunk of your free time to prepare and plan over the next few weeks. No […]

How Important are Schools When Looking for a Home?

By Dawn M. Smith Recently, a survey revealed some of the most sought after amenities a home buyer would forgo to ensure they purchased a house in a good public school district. Of the 1,000 people who closed on a home in 2018, 78 percent said they would give up a coveted feature in […]

Military Landlords and Renters: Check for These Items in Your Rental Agreement

By Dawn M. Smith Who loves reading rental home leases? No one. Why should they? All the unintelligible legalese, lengthy stipulations, and scary sounding security deposit ramifications are very intimidating and no one’s idea of fun. This is why renters tend to glance it over only because we know we should, but ultimately don’t read […]

5 Strategies to Quickly Sell Your Home to Military Buyers

by Dawn M. Smith Service members are quick on their feet and used to making logical, but quick, decisions. This is why homeowners looking to sell this PCS season need to be on their game for prepping their house for sale. Military families tend to look for time efficient qualities when searching for their next […]

Surviving a Holiday Home Sale

by Dawn M. Smith A holiday home sale, typically taking place from November through January, is a daunting process during a very busy friends and family season. But truly, there are ways to mitigate the disruption if a sale is a must. Attracting the ideal buyers with the best price point, perfect curb appeal, and […]

Easy Ways to Get Ready for Back-to-School

by Dawn M. Smith Shopping for back-to-school supplies isn’t the way it used to be, that’s for sure. Yes, some schools still send home sheets of specific items for your child’s use, but other methods are showing up too. Believe it or not, they might even be EASIER than shopping for an itemized list of […]