A Closet to Love

I love my closet. It is my own personal space, and I adore it. I am also an organization guru and love my spaces to be neat and functional. We already know the benefits of being organized.  When your closet is organized, it is easier to find items, makes getting ready for work in the morning a bit smoother, and just gives you a general sense of happiness in knowing your space is neat, clean, and functional. If your closet needs a makeover, these tips will help get you on the road to a closet you love!

You Don’t Know What You Have… Until You Clean Your Closet

Step One (2)The first step to an organized closet is a clean closet.  The first thing I want you to do is pull everything — and I do mean everything — out of your closet. Now, give it a good scrub down.  Wipe down shelves and give it a good vacuum. Can you feel that happiness already starting to show up? Not yet…well let’s keep going…

QUICK TIP: To keep your closet smelling like roses all year long, place an air freshener in the back of your closet.  You can even use dryer sheets to keep everything smelling fresh and clean!

Next we want to start going through items before we start putting stuff back into our closet. Let’s start with clothes. Many of us have more clothes than any normal person should have. I want you to find three boxes or even garbage bags.  One should be marked “Keep,” another “Donate,” and a third “Store.” These are pretty self-explanatory. A good way to decide if you should keep something is to think about the last time you wore the item.  If it was more than a year ago, it is time to cut the cord and pass the item on. Clothes for the “store” box would be clothing that you don’t wear on a regular basis, such as winter clothing.

QUICK TIP: To keep clothing under control, always follow this rule. Any time you purchase a new item, something else has to go.

When storing clothing, you can make a space in your closet and use plastic bins or you can use shorter bins and store this clothing under your bed if space is limited in your closet.

DID YOU KNOW? Another great tool you can use to store clothes and maximize space is air-saver bags.  These bags allow you to store a ton of clothing and then suck the air out to make it a smaller size item to store away.

Lights, Darks, and Colors

color codeNow that it is time to start putting stuff back into our clean closet, I want to talk to you about color coordination. When hanging your clothing back up, try keeping tops in one area, pants in another, and dresses in another.  When hanging your clothing back in its respective place, put them back by color. This means keeping all your white tops together, then your pink tops, blue tops, and so forth.  Do the same with your pants and dresses. This will make finding specific pieces much easier, and who doesn’t like walking into a rainbow each day?

QUICK TIP: To track the clothing you wear, hang your clothes back up with the hanger facing outward. When you use the clothing, hang it back up with the hanger facing inward, like normal. At the end of the year, you will easily see what clothing you have been using and what you have not been wearing.

For those items that you cannot hang, such as sweaters or other delicate items, you can use shelving to store these items neatly folder.  If you don’t have shelving in your closet, you can always purchase one of those hanging shelves to store items. I would again recommend following the color code.

DID YOU KNOW? I have also had many people ask me about the different types of hangers. As a general rule, wooden hangers are used to hold items such as suits so they don’t lose their shape. Plastic hangers are used to hold most of our everyday clothing, and fabric hangers are used to hold items made out of delicate fabrics.

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes

ShoesNow we will focus on our shoes. In order to keep shoes organized and maximize their wear-life, your best bet is to keep your shoes in clear, plastic shoe boxes.  If you would rather not spend money on plastic boxes, you can always keep your shoes in their original shoe boxes. The benefit to clear boxes is you are able to see the shoes, which always helps when you are in a rush and looking for a specific pair.

For those shoes where there is no shoe box to speak of, such a flip flops, you can always use shoe organizer that hangs over the back of your closet door. You can find pocket ones, or shelf style ones, that hang easily over the door and require little-to-no assembly. Another option for shoes is to buy a shoe shelf that can sit on the floor of your closet. Again, I recommend following the color rule.

QUICK TIP: Stuff boots with rolled up magazines or tissue paper to keep your boots’ shape and expand the life of your boots.

DID YOU KNOW? The pocket style shoe holders can be used in another neat way.  You can actually hang one of these up in your closet (behind the door or you can hang it on a wall of your closet) and use them to hold things other than shoes, such as pantyhose, socks, lingerie items, and the like.

Oh, the Accessories

AccessoriesFinally, let’s talk about our accessories, such as belts, purses, jewelry, and more. An easy way to store your belts would be to hang them in a section of your closet. You can use normal hangers to do this, but to maximize space, you can also use plastic shower curtain hooks.  These hooks are also a great way to hang up scarves.

If you have the room in your closet, you can hang a peg board and use hanging hooks to hang up belts and smaller accessories, such as your jewelry.  This is a great way to keep jewelry organized and safe from breakage.

When it comes to your purses, you can also hang these if you have space in your closet. If you have a shelf in your closet you can also stand them up alongside one another to keep them organized. Don’t forget to follow the color rule!

You can find many organizing tools made specifically for these accessories from stores that specialize in organization.

Happy Days Are Here!

Now, after following these basic steps to an organized closet, I hope you can feel the happiness bursting through. You can’t tell me that the piece of amazing you are looking at now doesn’t bring a smile to your face!

There are many other options when it comes to organizing your closet.  You just have to consider different factors, such as closet size and space.  Every closet is different, but these basic steps will help you achieve the closet of your dreams. One that is neat, clean, functional, and puts a happy smile on your face!


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