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Money and Your Military Marriage

Sponsored by FirstCommand This is it. The lights are turned down low and a few candles throw shadows across the room. A quiet, gentle tune wafts through the air. Fresh flowers are sweetly arranged in a vase on the counter. The kids are at the neighbor’s house for a sleepover. Your spouse gently brushes your […]

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Which Breast Pump is Best for You?

  Which Breast Pump is Best for You? *Sponsored and written by 1 Natural Way Choosing a breast pump can be daunting, especially as a first-time mom. How are you supposed to know what you need if you’ve never done it before? Fortunately, we’ve helped thousands of moms find the right pump for them. By […]

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Freshen Up Financially with First Command

*Sponsored by First Command As military spouses, “new” experiences, aren’t always, well, new to us. It seems like every other day we are facing something new: a new plan, a new duty station, a new season of milspouse life. And, because we military spouses are resilient to the core, we know how to embrace new […]

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Travel Fitness on the Holiday Road

Military spouses and their families appreciate that travel can be both incredibly rewarding and immensely stressful—especially during the holidays. And more often than not, one of the first casualties of a busy travel schedule is their own wellness.

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How to Save Money with Military Discounts and Cashback

Sponsored by Ebates Confession: I am kind of obsessed with assessments. I’ve probably taken a majority of the most popular ones at some point in my life, and some of them multiple times. Myers-Briggs? Yep, ENFJ right here. The Five Love Languages? Take the trash out and I will love you forever (see also: Acts […]

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The Breastfeeding Shop: Easy as One, Two, Three!

*Sponsored by The Breastfeeding Shop  One of the coolest parts of being a parent is watching your little ones learn and grow. Right now, our 18-month-old son is in that constant discovery stage. Everything is new and exciting, and each day he adds to his vocabulary more and more. He has recently started “counting,” usually […]

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13 Reasons Why You Should Take the #BSFSurvey This Year

The annual Military Lifestyle Survey, from the nonprofit Blue Star Families, is open and taking responses until May 25. But why should you contribute to the Survey? We have thirteen reasons why we need you: The Blue Star Families annual Military Lifestyle Survey is considered a preeminent resource and snapshot of the current state of the military […]

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