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Thankful for TRICARE?

I know I’m usually kind of sarcastic about some of Army life. I love it, or at least appreciate it, most of the time. Over the summer I struggled to be funny or very appreciative of this life, but this month I celebrate with Thanksgiving all that this life has given us, especially medically and […]

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Is That Your Real Life?

It’s not fall yet (it may be by the time you read this, but I am writing this before September 22nd!), but I live in a place that acts like fall as soon as Labor Day is over and children get on those huge yellow monsters that parents shepherd them onto five mornings a week. […]

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Embarrassing Army Moments

Almost all of us have had them: embarrassing moments in front of an audience, be it one other person while on a date or in front of the varsity football team in high school. It seems the awkwardness of the teen years just isn’t enough. We also have to have embarrassing moments that come all […]

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