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When You’ve Bloomed

The Army decided to plant me in Mississippi back in November 2015. Plant? Why, yes. As military spouses, you may have been offered the sage advice to “bloom where you’re planted” at least once or twice before. How do you measure how much you’re blooming, or if you’re even budding? It’s probably not in a […]

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Significance is Subjective: The Best Thing I Wore to the Military Ball

Sometime about a week after attending our most recent military ball, I showed my husband one of the pictures we took, and I asked him about my pin. I think what I first said was, “Where did this come from?” He responded, “From the office.” OK. Well. I knew that. Of course the Army logo […]

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Budgeting Time With YearCompass

Have you heard of the magic bank account? The first time I heard of it, I was attending a faculty meeting at the elementary school where I was teaching. Believe me, all teachers want a magic bank account, so our principal certainly had our attention when she brought it up. I was not able to find the […]

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This is Reality

Growing up, my best friend and I loved to talk to each other in movie quotes. We would converse by stealing lines from the movies we had loved and seen together. I even remember gifting her a calendar of quotes as a present. I hope it was a daily calendar. Hope that I actually sat […]

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Just Sincerely and Honestly: Thank You

Happy November! This is one of my most thankful ones yet. I am so grateful for November this year.  Especially today, November 3rd. Today is my one year anniversary of my first “Blog Day!” Blog Day! gets its own exclamation point, not just that sentence overall. You know, because you can’t say, “blog day,” without […]

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The Secret Life of Boot Snakes

From an outside view, it’s sometimes easy to look upon our military members in a strictly matter-of-fact, all-business-all-the-time fashion. I know that I myself find so many aspects of military culture intimidating at times. However, today I am sharing a sneak peek into the secret behind-the-scenes life of our military family. Everything is not so […]

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An Open Letter to Myself

Do you ever allow the uncertainties of your future to impact your present? You probably do. As a military wife, one of the easiest times to do this is when you know the orders are coming soon. For my husband and me, we thought we already had those orders, and now I find myself dwelling […]

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