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10 Ways to Face the World When You Really Don’t Want To

Even the most positive people among us experience feeling down and discouraged at times due to personal circumstances or events in the world that affect us collectively. Judging from the news reports, the world has seemingly descended into chaos on more days than not. Even if we try to avoid the news reports and images, […]

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What To Hold On To, What To Let Go Of, And Why it Matters

It’s a familiar summertime routine- as the weather gets warmer, the days get longer, and school years come to an end, moving trucks begin lining the streets as families get ready for the next PCS move.   Preparations begin weeks, even months, before as closets and toy boxes are gone through, mostly with an eye […]

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8 Ways to Enjoy a Stronger Connection with Your Child

In a world where things often feel disconnected, forming and maintaining personal connections can be a challenge.  Although we have greater, often instant, access to each other via the technology at our fingertips, we may be sacrificing quality for quantity in our connections, even within our family relationships.  Dr. Edward Tronick feels so strongly about […]

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10 ways to sleep better

10 Ways to Sleep Better, Starting Tonight

We’ve all had those nights spent tossing and turning, anxiously counting down the few remaining hours until the alarm goes off and it will be time to drag ourselves out of bed and start the day.  For some, this doesn’t happen very often but for millions of people this has become the norm.  If you […]

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107 Ideas for Intentional Living Love Yourself

107 Ideas for Intentional Living

What if you decided today to live intentionally?  Though the month is long passed, February tends to be that time of year when our thoughts inevitably turn toward love, romance and relationships—and sometimes earlier since most stores start putting out Valentine’s Day themed merchandise before the Christmas stuff is even off the shelves. There’s nothing […]

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Living with Intention

As the shiny newness of the New Year begins to fade and life resumes its usual daily rhythm, resolutions made just a couple of weeks ago may be little more than distant memories.  Even if you’re not the resolution making type, there’s just something about the beginning of a new year that feels different, full […]

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