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To the New Young Army Wife

I know your story. They’re all of course unique, but the blueprint is the same. Fell in love. Got married right out of high school. If not then, maybe a year or two later. Maybe he was already a soldier. Maybe he took that leap with his hand already intertwined with yours. Maybe you were […]

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The Lead-Up to ‘Welcome Home’

If you’ve had a loved one deployed, then you probably know that the first and last weeks of deployment usually feel the longest. There’s so much to do, and the days drag by slowly. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of must-dos during that last painful week. You’re welcome in advance! Here’s what […]

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When He Won’t Be Home for Christmas

Many people believe that the most magical time of year is Christmas, which seems to start a week earlier every year. Especially during deployments where you feel a little less jolly. And by a little less jolly, I mean l almost dropkicked a lighted snowman display clear across Target because I heard Josh Groban’s version of […]

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An Army Wife’s Thanksgiving Prayer

  I’m thankful that maintenance came and fixed the oven door I’m thankful that there’s no carpet lining our dining room floor I’m thankful that our table fits this house’s weird layout And that the china survived another move despite my fears and doubts   I’m thankful for the combat boots that are never put […]

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Can’t Wait to Come Home

“I can’t wait to be home.” This was the text I received from my husband earlier today, about six months into our most recent deployment.  The funny thing is, he won’t be coming home to a place he knows. I’m packing our kids and saying goodbye to my family, moving across the country, and unpacking […]

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Not Your Average Deployment Playlist

During my husband’s past four deployments and other various Army separations, the thing that has kept us connected the most is music. From CDs to Spotify accounts, our methods have changed, but the tradition has not. He makes a playlist, I make a playlist, and we exchange them and it keeps us going while he […]

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When the Burden of Deployment is Heavy

Everyone has troubles. We all know that. Every person you see is carrying something heavy. Many times they aren’t sure if they will be able to carry it at all. Then there is the burden of deployment. And that one is killer. That one is hard. Harder than most. This is in part due to […]

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