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End of Deployment Season

Our deployment season is coming to an end. Thankfully. Yet I’m a little hesitant since we just got into the groove of things. We made a big switch from homeschooling to public schooling. We are still getting the hang of our routine, yet adding one more person may just throw us for another loop. Do […]

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Self-Defense for Self-Preservation

A few weeks ago, my neighbor let me know that our children’s Taekwondo instructor was giving a women’s self-defense class at a local rec center. She was excited to go, so I joined her. Saturday morning, she picked me up and we headed to the rec center. I was a little nervous, but decided it […]

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Deployment Blues

For some reason, this deployment I’ve personally been in a funk. Maybe it’s because the summer was so busy and hot that I just haven’t had a lot of personal self-care time. Behold the power of Pinterest when someone is going through a funk. Too many late nights alone in my bed and Pinterest browsing […]

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