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Do You Have the Mental Toughness for Your Exercise Program?

The following passage is from which discusses mental toughness: Some fitness experts advise clients to ’embrace the burn.’ Good advice. By not turning away from discomfort in your training, you develop mental toughness. This mental toughness carries over into ALL aspects of your fitness training. If you’re like most people, some mornings you wake up […]

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You Do Not Have to Run Alone

One barrier to a successful fitness program is motivation. There is one solution at your fingertips, however, and that is finding someone to join in the program so you can push each other. I am sure that you have no problem finding someone to go on a shopping trip with you. I’ve written earlier about […]

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You Start By Not Knowing and Then Trying

In the spirit of inspiration this month, I caught up with Elyse Braner of Arlington, Virginia. Elyse seems to be everywhere, donating her time. She is a runner, running coach, and leader of Girls on the Run DC. I like to think of Elyse as being the person who does not conform to regular training runs, […]

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