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Where to Find Help When You Need It

As many of you are, I am part of several military spouse groups. While I don’t always engage, I have learned quite a bit just from watching the interactions members have with each other. But there is one question I see over and over again that I almost always chime in on. Not because I […]

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Hotel Living: Not as Romantic as it Sounds

So we have begun our 3-month stay at Ft. Jackson. At first I thought my hubby and I, on an extended “vacation,” no chores, no cooking. Just me and my honey hanging out in a hotel room together–how romantic! Umm, no. We are finishing out our first month and let me tell you, as I […]

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Celebrating Mother's Day Across the Distance: It can be hard to find ways to celebrate the mothers in our lives when we don't live near them! But thats ok! All they want is our love!

Celebrating Mother’s Day Across the Distance

Our mothers deserve so much more than one day of celebration! They have given their all to making us who we are. You never know how wonderful your mom is until it’s 4am her time and you have a non-emergency question that desperately needs answering and she picks up the phone on the first ring […]

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