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Making little decisions is hard, but sometimes we even have to make big decisions!

Making the Hard Decisions

The number of decisions we make each day is endless: what to wear, what to eat, whether we should work out, what to watch on TV, do we really need xyz at the grocery store? But they get bigger too! Do I really want to spend a whole year without my husband? When do I […]

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First time PCSing?? Well please learn from my mistakes, for your sanity, please invest your time and money into putting your stuff in actual boxes!!

MY PCS Nightmare!

As I look around my house full of stuff, I can’t help but start envisioning the packing process! We have so much stuff and I don’t even want to deal with it, but I don’t want to get rid of it either! I love the home we have created together here at Ft. Benning. And […]

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An open letter to the military spouse who is also a student.

To the Spouse who is also a Student

Dear military spouse who is also a student, I know your struggle, because until just a few months ago, I was that spouse. I couldn’t move with my husband when he came to a new duty station because I was in school; I couldn’t visit because I couldn’t miss any more classroom time. Because I […]

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