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Cheers to you, military wife.

  I woke up early one morning, mid-July, to send my husband off to yet another training exercise in a different European country. I climbed back into bed and opened my social media feeds where the first thing I saw at the top of my Facebook homepage was this photo: I read the article photographed […]

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Ranger School Throwback

    My social media news feeds are all filled with memories from the summer months of 2015 when my husband and I were dealing with Ranger School woes that just continued to knock both of us on our butts over and over again. I remember celebrating the Fourth of July at my cousin’s house, […]

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Thank you, Friends

It’s four o’clock in the morning and I am lying in bed wide awake, restless. I just returned home from dropping my husband off to catch his plane to Normandy, France where he will be jumping in honor of the 73rd D-Day celebration. Unable to fall right back to sleep, I opened all of my […]

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