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5 Books to Help Kids With Deployment

Deployment is hard for most family members, but especially your kids. Military life comes with many challenges: changing schools, moving from place to place, saying goodbye to everyone they know, and starting over. These make being a military kid harder to deal with. It isn’t something they decided for themselves—it was chosen for them. As […]

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How To Survive Milspouse Drama

Every military base has drama. Even more so when the spouses begin to know each other. It can turn into something similar to a high school club. Not always does this occur, but there are some military spouses out there that like drama. From families being broken apart, to others being lonely and left out, […]

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3 Ways To Embrace Your New Location

Military life usually means that every two to four years you will move to a new location. Sometimes it turns out well, and other times not so much. Unfortunately, too often we hear that a military family has broken up because they moved to a new location and couldn’t find happiness. Usually when a move […]

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How To Keep Your Career Intact Through a PCS

Most likely, at some point in your milspouse life, you’re going to move. If you work outside the home, this means you will need to find yourself a new job. Depending on your career choice, this can be a difficult task. It’s even more difficult if your family is sent to a remote location. However, […]

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6 Details You Need To Know When Marrying A Military Man

Can you believe that you have found the man of your dreams?! The zinger is he is in the military! But, you are in love! Many women have no idea what it means to marry a service member. While you are hastily planning the rest of your life, there are a few things that you […]

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3 Things Far Away Friends of a Milspouse Need to Know

The life of a military spouse is a tough life: Always on the go, having to make new friends, leaving things behind, and deployments. This takes a toll on you as a person. Not many people can relate to the life of a military spouse or military family. Many can’t grasp the idea of having […]

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5 Ways to Help Children Adjust to a PCS

PCSing is hard on the entire family. But when you have children, they may take it the hardest. No matter their ages, a big life change like moving is a traumatic experience in their lives. When PCSing from a loved location or a location where your family may have lived nearby or there were good […]

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