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Five Ways to Love the Unlovable on Valentine’s Day

What if we spent February 14th loving the unlovable? Valentine’s Day is mostly associated with romantic, heart-pounding romance or loyal, long-lasting love. The focus tends to be on reservations for dinner or the (often over the top) flowers, balloons, candy, and stuffed animals that flood our schools, offices, and social media posts. It is a day […]

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Stop Comparing

“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt Comparison is a thief. It is destructive. It can almost be classified as self harm when we compare our lives to those we envy. How do we fight our need to compare? How do we really know what we want for ourselves? How about we just […]

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12 Days of Christmas: Army Spouse Style

Here is a little ditty to sing your way through present-wrapping fundraisers, tree decorating, or just when you need a humorous perspective about our unique and sometimes chaotic lifestyle! On the first day of Christmas, my soldier gave to me… A home in a foreign country On the second day of Christmas, my soldier gave to me… […]

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