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To All the Military Mamas and “Mothers of Dragons”: This One’s For You

To all the Military Mamas taking motherhood “on the road” every two years, this post is for you. For hand-carrying all the records, test scores, and pieces of paper that cannot be lost. For keeping hope in your heart that this school will be as good as (or better) than the last. For encouraging them […]

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Current Situation… Chris Stapleton*

*Secondary title: Battle Buddies, Jesus, and Chris Stapleton. Author’s note: This article is dedicated to JoJo and all the Blue Star Spouses currently waiting on their service members! Last week, my civilian neighbor stopped by with a bottle of wine and asked if she could (and I quote) “be on my Deployment Team?” My neighbors here in […]

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HGTV Girl In A House Restricted World

As military spouses, we often find ourselves looking forward to the day that we get to decorate our homes with no rules, restrictions, or repainting involved! We dream of the day we won’t have to spackle the walls as we pray that the housing inspector doesn’t ding us for going over our “allotted holes per […]

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