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Current Situation… Chris Stapleton*

*Secondary title: Battle Buddies, Jesus, and Chris Stapleton. Author’s note: This article is dedicated to JoJo and all the Blue Star Spouses currently waiting on their service members! Last week, my civilian neighbor stopped by with a bottle of wine and asked if she could (and I quote) “be on my Deployment Team?” My neighbors here in […]

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HGTV Girl In A House Restricted World

As military spouses, we often find ourselves looking forward to the day that we get to decorate our homes with no rules, restrictions, or repainting involved! We dream of the day we won’t have to spackle the walls as we pray that the housing inspector doesn’t ding us for going over our “allotted holes per […]

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The Mighty Military Spouse

As we just celebrated the mother of all American holidays, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in being a military spouse, especially an Army one! My pride in this fact does not always manifest itself in an over-the-top “We can do it- HOOAH” mantra (but in all honesty, I have flexed my […]

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The Right Time for Resilience

What if someone offered to make you a stronger, more resilient person before you took off for that new duty station? What if you had the opportunity to participate in a program that could help you with problem solving and maintaining a positive outlook at whatever life (and the chaos of a move with kids […]

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Find the Joy in Your PCS by Dancing in the Rain

Author’s note: This piece is dedicated to my rock, my husband, who despite his two left feet, dances beautifully in the rain.  Not proud of my mindset, I began preparing for our 13th move while still unpacking from the 12th. I was in the garage unwrapping pictures that I never bothered to unpack from the […]

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My Happiest Moment

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that my happiest moment was birthed from tragedy. Every joyful shout surrounding my happiest moment is shadowed by a painful whisper that my joy was rooted in grief and loss. It is almost paralyzing to look back on my life and select my happiest moment. There are plenty of imposter […]

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Meet Kathleen!

As I am writing this, we are in the beginning of yet another PCS season. So as I try and tell you a little about myself, please bear with me as my brain struggles to process everything! My name is Kathleen Palmer and I have been an Army spouse for 21 years. We have moved […]

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