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Some practical tips for dealing with worry

Practical Tips for Dealing with Worry (from an Expert Worrier)

I worry about the strangest things. My husband is forever shaking his head (and maybe even rolling his eyes) over some of the stuff I get worked up about. We even have a favorite movie scene that gets bantered back and forth between us: Mrs. Bennett: Have you no compassion for my poor nerves?! Mr. […]

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Out of Uniform

One of the awesome aspects of being the editor of the Army Wife Network blog is getting to connect with writers with unique experiences and perspectives. Today AWN would like to highlight a resource that comes from one of our blog’s Expert Contributors. Tom Wolfe has regularly written excellent posts for us centered on the […]

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Just Do It!

Just Do It! No, not the kinds of things Nike encourages–although that stuff is good! I’m talking today about things specifically related to military spouse friendships. By nature, I am mostly an introvert. So when it comes to jumping into new friendships, it’s not always easy for me. However, one thing this Army wife life […]

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Merry Christmas from AWN

As I sit here this December in my cozy home with Christmas music playing and my family around me, I can’t help but think of my Milspouse friends who may not get to experience that feeling this holiday season. I have friends with a husband deployed, other friends who are smack in the middle of a […]

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But I’m Not a Gardener!

It’s almost May and so many are just itching to get their hands into the dirt to start planting stuff. I could nod my head and say I’m right there with them. Except I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing pretty flowers and eating fresh garden vegetables! I just do not enjoy gardening. […]

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Why in the World Would You Want to Meet Me?

These introduction posts are so difficult! Seriously, why in the world would you want to meet me? There are thousands of much more interesting Army wives out there who are doing amazing things. I’m a Reservist’s wife who homeschools her teenager and works at Curves and spends a lot of time on her computer editing […]

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