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3 Ways your First Milspouse Friend is So Significant

Trying to make friends at a new duty station can be difficult, to say the very least. It can feel like going on a series of failed blind dates before you find your person. Only to find out they are PCSing in just a short couple months. It never fails. I got lucky when I […]

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Why Small Town Duty Stations Are the Best

To each their own, but my family and I have always preferred the small town atmosphere as opposed to the busy, chaotic city life when it comes to duty stations. Every small town you get assigned to, you will find those people. The ones that make you question every desire you had to PCS to […]

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Meet Katy

Four is my number. It’s the number of times my bank account zeroes out every month. It’s the number of children my husband and I struggle to keep alive every day. It’s the number of household items that break down the first week after the Army calls the mister away. And it’s the number of […]

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