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Positive Footprints

We all want to leave positive footprints for our children to follow in, something they can carry forward with them in life. One footprint that seems to run through our military families is volunteering. Where there is a parent who volunteers, there tends to be a child who’s either in tow or volunteers themselves. In […]

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Deployment Battle Buddy

Deployments are a challenge and every one of them is different. Anyone who has been through one, or half a dozen, knows that. Our lives change abruptly and no matter how much planning has been done, a new and unknown monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix. Under normal circumstances, this would be where you […]

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Another Day in the Office

In my “former life” I was a soldier. For some reason, there is a stereotype that all, or at least most, female soldiers serve behind a desk. While I don’t see why there’s an issue with that, seeing that they raised their right hand and took the oath, truthfully there are also males in office […]

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