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100 Years and Counting – Part One

I am a Big Red One Spouse. If you’ve been to any kind of ceremony on Fort Riley in the recent past, you have probably heard something similar to that. This year, the 1st Infantry Division is celebrating its 100 year anniversary and it’s not to be outdone. The official anniversary is June 8th, but […]

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Dear Deployment Gnome

Dear Deployment Gnome, A number of months back you moved in and brought all your mischief and problems with you. At first we struggled and fought and you wore me out – it was nothing but an uphill battle. Then when life continued, you continued to pop up and see how many different bumps you could […]

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Positive Footprints

We all want to leave positive footprints for our children to follow in, something they can carry forward with them in life. One footprint that seems to run through our military families is volunteering. Where there is a parent who volunteers, there tends to be a child who’s either in tow or volunteers themselves. In […]

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