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Make New Friends But Keep The Old

I’ve written in the past about making friendships with other military spouses because it’s an important, vital, amazing connection to have. Be open-minded and get out there and find your people. And let me tell you, sometimes your people are nothing like you or nothing like you expected! Those friendships turn out to be the […]

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Anxiety. For The Birds.

It was a really hot and humid Kansas day. Driving through the Ogden gate check, I showed the soldier my DoD identification card. I can still remember the uneasy feeling in my stomach, heart pounding uncontrollably, and then I felt like I was going to faint. Here I am with 3 small girls in my […]

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The People That You Meet

Military spouses are the most resilient people I have ever met. It’s funny that I never used the word resilient until becoming a military spouse myself. After making many friends from various stations, I have learned we military spouses are tough, the exact definition of resilient because of the always-evolving life situations thrown at us. […]

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