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Anxiety. For The Birds.

It was a really hot and humid Kansas day. Driving through the Ogden gate check, I showed the soldier my DoD identification card. I can still remember the uneasy feeling in my stomach, heart pounding uncontrollably, and then I felt like I was going to faint. Here I am with 3 small girls in my […]

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The People That You Meet

Military spouses are the most resilient people I have ever met. It’s funny that I never used the word resilient until becoming a military spouse myself. After making many friends from various stations, I have learned we military spouses are tough, the exact definition of resilient because of the always-evolving life situations thrown at us. […]

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Losing Yourself in the Seas of Motherhood

My husband and I were just recently blessed with the arrival of our third little lady, Everly. We have two older girls. Harlow is 5 and Vivienne is 3 and our family is complete. Every single person in the house adores Everly. She sneezes and one of us rushes to her side; she smiles and […]

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