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My Soldier Doesn’t Worry About That

Ever notice that there are a lot of things that we as women do that our husbands would never do? I was thinking about how funny it would be if my husband actually had to pick out an outfit for a formal military affair. It got me to thinking about why we women do certain […]

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Thankful for TRICARE?

I know I’m usually kind of sarcastic about some of Army life. I love it, or at least appreciate it, most of the time. Over the summer I struggled to be funny or very appreciative of this life, but this month I celebrate with Thanksgiving all that this life has given us, especially medically and […]

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Speed Dating, Mommy-style

Mom dating… it’s a thing, y’all. It’s what you do to check out little Timmy’s friend’s mom. Are you compatible? -OR- Will you stab your eyes out if you spend more than 15 minutes at the playground with her? I believe that Army wives acquire an extra gene that makes them capable of mommy SPEED […]

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