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Smashing Military Spouse Stereotypes

I’d like to tackle a traditional military spouse stereotype of…(gasp)…the officer’s wife. We’ve all seen these women at functions, probably wearing makeup and Spanx, walking around and talking to everyone, maybe even smiling at everyone through her teeth. Who does she think she is? I will never forget my first introduction to the stereotypical officer’s […]

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Promoting Positive PCS Energy

  It’s that time of year again! When “the lists” are sent out by branch managers to our soldiers with location and job options for an impending PCS move. Five months from now, our family will embark on yet another PCS (AKA “Arnett Adventure”) to add to our family historical chronicles. This will mark our […]

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The Perfect FRG

Author’s note: This article is dedicated to Beverly Clark, my first FRG Leader who has shaped me into the hands-on military spouse that I am today.  For those of you who’ve experienced myriad successful and not-so-successful Family Readiness Groups throughout your military journeys, don’t fret because this is totally the norm! Do you use your […]

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