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Registering Your Car in a New State After a PCS

When you’ve finally gotten into your new place after your PCS, there are 1,001 little things still to do (or so it feels like). Though not a requirement, one additional step may be registering your car in your new state, particularly if you’re choosing to be recognized as residents of that state. Here is a […]

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Change of Address

It’s the tail-end of PCS season for most people, but even after the road trip is over there is still so much to do. Don’t let moving bring you down! It can get stressful with everything you have to do to get life back in order. One of the many tasks involved with moving is […]

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Work From Anywhere

I have been teaching for about six years. In this time, I have worked in four different states and all different positions. It is always so difficult to have to quit and start at square one each time we move. It is also difficult to get into a school system when you have to put […]

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