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PCS Stress-less (Part 1)

I cringe a little every time I see a wife post on a Facebook page something like, “Okay ladies, first PCS here, what do I need to know?” I don’t internally shirk because it’s a bad or inappropriate question, only that it’s so dang open-ended. Most of us seasoned wives can give you hours of […]

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Christmas Memory Making—Hotel Edition

As I write this, I am looking around my current duty station house with the packers scheduled to arrive in less than a short four days. It is December 8th and we are assigned to PCS for our first OCONUS move before Christmas, which means we will be living in a hotel over the Christmas […]

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The Power of the Pen Pal

Last week, I was working as a substitute teacher at the elementary school my children attend. I logged on to Power School and, *gasp!*  WHAT.IN.THE.WORLD!? My son received two 50 percents on two different Language Arts tests. In my best southern mama voice (keep in mind I’m not actually southern, but we have been stationed […]

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