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It’s a Small World

I don’t know if I should apologize for getting the tune stuck in your head or keep singing the lyrics of the well-known Disney World ride, but either way, I bet you’re humming along to “It’s a Small World” because…it’s really a small world after all. As a kid the grew up as a “Disney […]

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Not All Rainbows and Unicorns

I stood there, helpless and sad. I watched, almost as an outsider, as my son clung to his grandmother in the middle of the airport parking lot and sobbed tears of a young boy missing his family. I had watched him do the exact same thing just weeks earlier as his other grandmother sat on […]

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Family Night Movie Night

When we were stationed at Fort Drum about five years ago I had this momentary, OK well, maybe not momentary, but gnawing sadness about my kids. We were there for a total of three years and between training exercises, deployments, schools, and selections we, as a family unit, only spent nine months together. And that’s […]

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