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My 2019 Word

  I always hear so many people say, “I don’t have any regrets.” Really? Do you not? Not one? I love people who have no regrets and take the bull by the horns, own up to everything, and keep trucking along. I am just not that person. I have regrets. I have said things in […]

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Be Kindness

Did you know that February 17 is National Act of Kindness Day? I mean, honestly, every day is “a day” but how great is this one?! It’s better than National Walk Around Things Day, National Lumpy Rug Day, and National Paper Bag Day (yes, I kid you not, these are actual “days” held on April […]

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It’s a Small World

I don’t know if I should apologize for getting the tune stuck in your head or keep singing the lyrics of the well-known Disney World ride, but either way, I bet you’re humming along to “It’s a Small World” because…it’s really a small world after all. As a kid the grew up as a “Disney […]

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