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Family Night Movie Night

When we were stationed at Fort Drum about five years ago I had this momentary, OK well, maybe not momentary, but gnawing sadness about my kids. We were there for a total of three years and between training exercises, deployments, schools, and selections we, as a family unit, only spent nine months together. And that’s […]

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Remembering 9/11

You know, as a kid, I remember my parents and grandparents saying, “I remember where I was when…” Where they were when they heard that John F. Kennedy or Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated or that we landed on the moon—these monumental, life-changing events that shaped the trajectory of our nation and culture. I […]

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An Etiquette Refresher

Call me old (even though I haven’t quite crested 40 yet) or maybe just old fashioned. Maybe I’m seeing some of the students that are in class with my kids or I’m just paying attention to older, teenaged and college-aged kids walking around the PX this summer. I don’t want my kids to have these […]

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