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FRG: Part 1

I have alluded, in previous blog posts, to the Family Readiness Group and how much I believe in the purpose and mission of the FRG. The FRG is such a powerful, useful resource for so many different aspects of military life, but I fear that we are forgetting why this organization is so important in […]

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Learning to Be An Adult… Again

I guess I should start with a disclaimer that if you are looking for all our Italian posts to be rainbows and sunshine with all the fabulous places we are traveling to, then this particular post may not be for you. Our real life is not complaining, pessimism, or whining but it is real so please proceed with caution […]

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The Power of Mentorship

My husband and I got married days before my 25th birthday. While I was older than other wives in the same peer group, I felt so young and inexperienced. I felt like a fish out of water. All the acronyms. All the different uniforms and which one was used for which occasion. The rank! I […]

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PCS Stress-less (Part 2)

(Be sure to read PCS Stress-less Part 1 first! You’ll be very glad you did!) About a year ago when my husband received the email that we were slotted to PCS to Italy, my planning wheels started turning. I realized that a hanging filing cabinet and a heavy fire-safe box just weren’t practical for carry-on […]

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PCS Stress-less (Part 1)

I cringe a little every time I see a wife post on a Facebook page something like, “Okay ladies, first PCS here, what do I need to know?” I don’t internally shirk because it’s a bad or inappropriate question, only that it’s so dang open-ended. Most of us seasoned wives can give you hours of […]

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Christmas Memory Making—Hotel Edition

As I write this, I am looking around my current duty station house with the packers scheduled to arrive in less than a short four days. It is December 8th and we are assigned to PCS for our first OCONUS move before Christmas, which means we will be living in a hotel over the Christmas […]

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The Power of the Pen Pal

Last week, I was working as a substitute teacher at the elementary school my children attend. I logged on to Power School and, *gasp!*  WHAT.IN.THE.WORLD!? My son received two 50 percents on two different Language Arts tests. In my best southern mama voice (keep in mind I’m not actually southern, but we have been stationed […]

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