Back To School?

Hello August!

The calendar says we are only halfway through summer, but all the stores seem to be well into their back-to-school promotions. I understand they kindly want us to get good deals and be prepared parents. They always think of the little person; after all, the happier we are the more we spend at their stores for Judy and Joey, right?

But military life can complicate back-to-school in ways that most non-moving lifestyles never have to contend with. One of these complications is timing. While I homeschool, I try to start our school year near the same time that the area schools do so that we finish about the same time. Also, Park and Rec programs and on-post activities follow local school schedules, so it seems to make sense to do the same… Right?

Except when it doesn’t make sense.

We lived in Missouri before Washington, where they started school on August 5th. WHAT?! How can you be ready by August 5th? It’s still hot! I still want to go to the pool. I still want summer! (Notice I said “I”?)

Then we moved to Washington state where they start a month later–after Labor Day. My boys finished school by Memorial Day weekend. We do this every year because it is close to my husband’s birthday and, well, let’s face it, I want to go to the pool and enjoy summer! (“I” do. Notice “I” want to enjoy summer!) The locals were in school until mid- to late June. What? My kids had three weeks of playground time all to themselves!

I have friends who finished the school year here in mid-June and now head to a new home where they start early August. Now they will have only four to six weeks of summer. Four to six weeks! So sad, friends! I am truly sorry that your summer pool time is limited. Perhaps once the kiddos are actively involved in school there will be time for all the mamas to do coffee time at the pool… getting their vitamin D… all by themselves without the extra splashes, potty trips, and snack breaks? Perhaps?

Hmm, maybe putting the kiddos into school early wouldn’t be a bad idea after all?


About Ande Flagg

Ande is a wife of almost 16 years to her soldier, Tim. They are a later-in-life Army family, after several years in the civilian world post-college. Prior to children and Army life, Ande was a college administrator. Now she is a homeschool mom to Hunter and Jon, both of whom keep her busy in their own way. Additional ways she occupies her time include unit duties, chapel Bible groups, cooking and baking, and performing HH6 duties.

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