How to Support Your Soldier When He is Angry at the Military–Part 1

As a wife, one of my main callings is to support my husband. That means supporting his military career, supporting his ambition to be an active duty soldier (even when the original plan was to go into the National Guard), and supporting him through injuries that are altering his career. I find it easy to […]

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Experience the Ride

Welcome to 2017! So let’s see, January usually means resolutions, holiday bills, and dealing with that extra 8 pounds you picked up last month. Sometimes that can seem kind of depressing, especially if you live in a geographic area where there is lots of snow. Ok, I’ll brighten it up. I actually like the New […]

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Makeup-less Days Part 1

When I was younger, I loved playing with makeup, and this is when it started. But when I became a preteen and tried to sneak it, and wear it to school, it was made clear right away by my parents that it was a definite no-go until I was 15. When my 15th birthday hit and […]

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