6 Tips for Traveling Overseas

Recently my mom and dad-in-law went with a tour group through Eastern Europe, visiting countries such as Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. They had a wonderful time, dining in 4-star restaurants and taking pictures of buildings older than the United States. Now more than ever I am so excited about one day making the trip […]

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AWN Gives Back! — The Carrying On Project

  Here at Army Wife Network, we believe in the importance of helping others, especially those in our military family who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms we enjoy. One way we can accomplish this is by giving back to 501(c)(3) charity organizations that specifically focus on providing aid to our military personnel, veterans, […]

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exercise run aging

Exercise and the Aging Process

There are numerous articles online regarding exercise and the aging process. The term “old age” is believed to start at 40 to 65 and older. In running, a master starts at age 40 on the road and in track and field the age is 35, claims a research article titled “Attitudes and Knowledge about Aging […]

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It’s hard to believe that so many exciting and nerve wracking things are about to happen to me and my family next month, and all within the matter of a week. Not only is my husband finally returning from his year in South Korea (thankfully it’s almost over!), we are also going to PCS from […]

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State of the Uterus Address

Note: I am not typically a blog ranter. If I rant, I rant to my husband (bless that man!) and then I’m done-ish. But this post? Yeah, it might be a bit of a rant. So buckle up (and you’ve been warned). This is something I’ve been chewing on and stewing on since a conversation with a good […]

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10 Ways to Face the World When You Really Don’t Want To

Even the most positive people among us experience feeling down and discouraged at times due to personal circumstances or events in the world that affect us collectively. Judging from the news reports, the world has seemingly descended into chaos on more days than not. Even if we try to avoid the news reports and images, […]

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how to argue less

How to Argue Less

Two days ago I checked into a hotel while on a business trip. It had been a long day of travel, with a lot of “challenges” along the way. I was taking a team of seven people with me and we arrived at the desk ready to check in, unpack and relax. Upon giving our […]

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the best job for you

The Best Job for You

One of the most important goals of the military-to-civilian transition process is landing a new job and starting a new career. Most conventional wisdom says you must figure out what you want to do before you interview for that position. I tend to disagree, especially when the you in that wisdom is a military service […]

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Self Care for Superheroes: Yes, You

It has often been said that those who can’t do, teach. So, let me tell you what I can’t do. Relax. I am told that it is genetic- I am like my grandmother, her mother before her, and so on. I come from a long, long line…. Of control freaks. Being a military spouse doesn’t […]

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Another Bend in the Road

I will never forget that day. The day I knew our future was going to change. It was a windy overcast October day in 2013. My parents were visiting and had taken our five children to a movie and I had the house to myself. At 4:30 pm I heard the garage door open. It […]

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