Welcoming a Baby

If your family or friends will be welcoming a baby soon, “The Grammie Guide” (Tell-A-Gram Publishing, San Jose CA) is a book you’ll want to pick up. Although it’s subtitled “Activities and Answers for Grandparenting Today,” the four authors have hundreds of ideas that make sense for anyone who has, or deals with, infants and […]

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Education Step 1: Choosing the Picture Perfect Career

Big decisions come with the New Year, and if you’ve decided to make 2015 the year you finally achieve a career of your own, how do you actually make it a reality? Well, step one is choosing what you’re going to do so you’ll have a clear picture of the education you need to be […]

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Why Scam Artists Love the Military

If you’re in the military or a veteran, be on alert. You may be the focus of scammers determined to separate you and your family from your money. The best defense? Understand how the scams work. Use the tools that help you protect your personal information. And know the laws that exist to protect you. […]

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It Is Cold Outside

This is the time of the year when it is so easy to stop the exercise program and wait for it to warm up. There are alternatives and ways to beat the cold weather. Clothing should be the technical type with wicking properties, which maintains the warmth while pulling the moisture away from the body. […]

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Organization Can Save You Money

I hope the first month of the new year has been treating you all well. I’m sure many of you look at the new year as a time to start over, or to improve your life in some way. I wanted to share some of the ways I stay organized in my family, and hopefully […]

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Jesus, Drugs, and my Milspouse Community

After moving outside of Ft. Leonard Wood, a small community, I was quickly invited to join many Army spouse “closed” groups on Facebook. It was interesting to learn about the local restaurants, events, news, etc. in the area and I was always amused at the spirited debates you often see on such sites. (Yes, there can […]

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Celebrating Everyday Army Miracle Moments

If you have been an Army spouse for more than 35 seconds, you have probably already discovered that this crazy ride is, well, crazy. Somedays it makes us happier than a five-year-old at Christmas… then a few moments later, we crumble into big, smoldering pile of ugly-crying heartbreak. It can be exhausting, I tell you. In […]

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Snow-viving the Winter Stationed in the Northeast

Greetings from snowy and absolutely frigid Fort Drum! Since the husband and I are from the northeast, and pretty used to the winters we get, the sheer magnitude of the snow, ice, and wind were not all that shocking to us. However, as I peer around at our little housing complex, and notice how many poor […]

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Things are Not Always as They Seem…or are They?

Two weeks ago I was in a GREAT mood as I left my office.  Just driving along on post headed home, and I didn’t bother to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.  Just coming from Korea, most of us know that road signs and signals are considered “optional” over there, and these […]

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Resolving to Write

Here we are again: it’s January, and everyone is putting forth resolutions for 2015. As military spouses, our resolutions might differ from those of others our age: while our friends are buying houses, we’re getting ready for our next PCS; while they strive for promotions, we look for jobs that won’t balk at hiring someone […]

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