Journey to You: “Make Good Choices” at Restaurants

School is back in session and family schedules are ramping into high gear (if they weren’t already). This creates a conundrum here at the Crooks’ household because we have to get creative with our meal planning. It has to be quick. I love to cook but when I don’t have time then it becomes a nuisance. […]

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September is Self-Improvement Month

Can you believe summer is over! Where did it go?! Down here in Texas it still feels like summer! Who’s EXCITED for school to be back in session?! Insert picture in your mind of mom’s dancing everywhere!  I think a new school year is a great time to work on ourselves. September is also self […]

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When Soldiers Go Back to School

Supporting our soldiers through their time in the military is part of our duty as military spouses. This means working through deployments, TDYs, and unaccompanied tours. But for some of us, it also means supporting our soldiers through school. My husband received an Army scholarship (HPSP) to dental school. Since graduating, he’s already spent one […]

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Get Clutter-Free for New School Year

Getting ready for the first day of school often means sorting through the accumulated takeaways from summer projects as well as outgrown or unusable clothes, sports equipment and toys. Overwhelmed by the thought? We at Parenting Press are sympathetic: the “News for Parents” editor just found broken swim goggles left behind by a daughter who […]

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Partner with Your Young Drivers

Car accidents take the lives of thousands of young drivers every year. It’s just one of many statistics that sends shivers down the spines of parents. Teen drivers are four times more likely to crash than older drivers, mostly because of inexperience. Nearly two out of three crash deaths that involve 16-year-old drivers happen when […]

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No Pain No Gain…A Myth

There were a number of years that I held the thoughts that if the joints did not ache and I could not feel the pounding along the streets that I was not making any progress. It takes time for some things to sink in and to find out that you can be wrong with some […]

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Starting Your MyCAA Application

The MyCAA program provides eligible military spouses up to $4,000 to help them pursue a license, certification, or associate degree! If you qualify and plan to take advantage of this opportunity to further your education and career, then take a look at the first few steps to starting your MyCAA application. Taking the First Steps […]

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6 (Humorous) Signs that Homecoming is Coming

As Army spouses, I would say we have two distinct moments of our Army spouse experience… One we loathe and one we anticipate. The one we dread is obviously the numerous “See-ya-later” moments with our beloved soldiers. Some days, as I kiss him and he walks to the door/bus/plane, I really feel like we just did this […]

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Adding a Dog to Your Dependents

For years my husband and I have wanted a puppy. While we were dating in college, we clearly didn’t have the time to devote to disciplining a dog (we barely disciplined ourselves), and as we transitioned into adult life and the military merged in, purchasing a pet became the least of our concerns in between […]

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Living My Passion

I have always been passionate about military families, having served as a soldier myself and then crossing the fence to become a military spouse. As we approach twenty years of service, I am still very passionate about ensuring that this journey is easier for those families just beginning their military journey. However, being a part […]

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