Has Worry Got The Best of You?

Do you allow yourself to stay awake deep into the evening, worrying about things that will never come to pass? Do you find yourself thinking about yesterday and how it will affect your tomorrow? This has been me since the middle of May. Something struck at home and consumed me with worry, worry for today, […]

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Easy Go-To Recipes for Back to School and Back to Work

My husband once said to me, as I grimaced and tossed what was left of my dinner in the trash, “You know, you don’t eat much of your own cooking.” That night had seen the creation of yet another failed Pinterest recipe (or maybe that was how it was supposed to taste, who knows, but […]

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Helping Kids Learn

Most of us want our kids to be successful, and this time of year, many of us are thinking ahead to school achievement. If you’re wondering about how to encourage your kids, you’ll find help in Jump-Starting Boys: Help Your Reluctant Learner Find Success in School and Life (Viva Editions), Pam Withers and Cynthia Gill […]

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How Do I Teach My Teen Good Money Habits?

One of the main goals of a parent is to prepare your children for adulthood. To that end, few lessons are as useful as learning how to handle money, says JJ Montanaro, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with USAA. Many of us learned those lessons the hard way. By educating your teens on family finances, you […]

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Getting Back to Square One

We are in the full swing of summer and the heat and humidity are upon us. In the last couple of month I have been doing what I’ll call getting back to “square one” which is like learning to run again.  It’s easy to pull out an old training log and you ask yourself the […]

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A Visit Home

I’m currently back in my home state of Indiana visiting with family. My husband is PCSing to Korea next month, (you can read more about that here) and we decided a visit home was incredibly overdue. So far we get to come back to the Midwest about once a year, so it’s always nice to […]

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The Backwards PCS (Part 2)

Last month, I shared the first half of what I deem as a rather epic list of “backwards” PCSing tips. (And yes, I am biased.) My Facebook friends contributed to the humorous list, and now I would like to share the second portion of the how-not-to-PCS strategies. (To get caught up and read the first post […]

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Back to College Finds You Can’t Afford to Miss

Every year thousands of students get ready to head off to their respective dorm rooms and fraternity houses for another year of very expensive higher education. Whether or not you have college aged kids in the home, there are some serious steals to be had during these back-to-school sales above and beyond the pencils, paper, […]

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The Dog Days of a PCS

Due to a serious lack of self-control around cute, furry things, my husband and I have managed to accumulate three dogs and a cat over the past several years. That’s right, THREE dogs – and they aren’t three Chihuahuas either We added one at each duty station. Chris and I each brought one dog into […]

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Staycations Around Your Duty Station

Military and civilian families from coast-to-coast have either gone or are preparing for their much anticipated (and often much needed!) summer vacations. Most of the time, we spend months planning for our trips, especially if they are far away. But, sometimes, a vacation to a distant land isn’t viable. Summertime is also the time of […]

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