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A Reason to Connect with the Little Things

This morning, about to leave for church, I grabbed my good coat off a hanger and began to slip it on. Unfortunately, my sweater sleeves were too bulky to go into the sleeves of the coat. Frustrated, I hung it back up and grabbed the oversize fleece jacket that I usually wear when running. I knew that my sweater sleeves would fit, but I was very uncomfortable wearing such a casual jacket to church. Oh well, it couldn’t be helped.

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Confessions of a Lonely Military Spouse

By Kellie Gunderman Loneliness. It is by far one of the strongest and most common emotions shared by military spouses. For a long time, I thought that “being lonely” was just a part of the job. I was serving my country by supporting my husband and, in the end, that just meant that being alone was […]

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Should I Stay or Should I Go? Weighing the Geographic Bachelor Option

By Amanda Marksmeier (I feel like I need to preface this article with a warning: This topic is sensitive and may trigger extreme opinions and emotions.) As a military spouse, the thought of choosing to live separately from my spouse seemed unimaginable. During our twelve-year marriage, we’ve experienced excessive amounts of time apart with multiple […]

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