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6 Ways Parenting a Newborn is like Being a Military Spouse

Listen VERY closely… Do you hear that? It’s my own personal internal tick-tock clock as I anxiously wait for this New Tiny Human to be born. (I am writing this post a little bit in advance, because hopefully, by the time this post is published in late February, this kiddo will have been evicted and […]

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An open letter to the military spouse who is also a student.

To the Spouse who is also a Student

Dear military spouse who is also a student, I know your struggle, because until just a few months ago, I was that spouse. I couldn’t move with my husband when he came to a new duty station because I was in school; I couldn’t visit because I couldn’t miss any more classroom time. Because I […]

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When You Start Rolling Your Eyes at the Calendar

When February rolls around I’ll roll my eyes, turn a cold shoulder to these even colder skies, & by the fire my heart it heaves a sigh for the green grass waiting on the other side. -In Like a Lion, Relient K As someone who has always had some sort of seasonal depression in the […]

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