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New Driver’s License, New Hunting License

As though there isn’t enough to decide when moving to a new duty station, there are many thoughts that come to mind when contemplating whether to get a new driver’s license in the state you now you reside in or continue to renew your current license through the mail for either your home state, or […]

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When “Winter” Seems to Last Forever

Life is all about the seasons. Sorry if that sounded kind of corny or slightly cliche, but from where I’m sitting, it is true, especially for military spouses. We have seasons of joy. We have seasons of pain. We have seasons of hopeful anticipation. Of disappointment. Of frustration. Encouragement. Waiting. Challenge. Victory. Yes, it’s all […]

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When TDY is A-OK

In our house, I’m The Locator. My kids will joke that I can find Jimmy Hoffa, and they are two generations too young to know who Jimmy Hoffa was. You name it, I can find it. Beloved stuffed animals, the remote control, the checkbook, the washing machine. In addition to being The Locator, I’m also […]

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