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To the New Young Army Wife

I know your story. They’re all of course unique, but the blueprint is the same. Fell in love. Got married right out of high school. If not then, maybe a year or two later. Maybe he was already a soldier. Maybe he took that leap with his hand already intertwined with yours. Maybe you were […]

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The Gift of the Unknown: Finding Myself Again

Somewhere along the way, I’ve lost myself. Military life can do that to you. Ten years into our marriage, and I’ve done it. Deployment, moving, not moving and geo-baching, training, FRG, dressing for the homecoming, dressing for the funeral of a Navy friend, dressing for the ball. I’ve given up my career because we wanted […]

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Confession: I’m STILL a Clueless Army Wife

  Because my husband works for the Army, our lives are unpredictable. This shocking to none of you! You know exactly what I’m talking about. My husband is on some awkward in-between orders right now so we’re living a life of limbo. We moved from Wisconsin to North Carolina. But we might be back in […]

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Smashing Military Spouse Stereotypes

I’d like to tackle a traditional military spouse stereotype of…(gasp)…the officer’s wife. We’ve all seen these women at functions, probably wearing makeup and Spanx, walking around and talking to everyone, maybe even smiling at everyone through her teeth. Who does she think she is? I will never forget my first introduction to the stereotypical officer’s […]

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Significance is Subjective: The Best Thing I Wore to the Military Ball

Sometime about a week after attending our most recent military ball, I showed my husband one of the pictures we took, and I asked him about my pin. I think what I first said was, “Where did this come from?” He responded, “From the office.” OK. Well. I knew that. Of course the Army logo […]

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Ask Yourself, ‘Why Not Today?’

When married to a service member, you may sometimes feel like you take a backseat in military life. You put a lot of your own energy behind your service member spouse, encouraging, planning, packing, and moving, among other things. You celebrate the promotions, the graduations, getting that perfect duty station… But sometimes, as a spouse, […]

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How to Thrive as an Introverted Milspouse

My husband and I are opposites in so many ways, but most noticeably when it comes to the introversion vs. extroversion scale. Phil’s extroversion has played well into his military career. One time, he was staying in the barracks at Ft. McCoy where there were open-bay toilets. He said that he sat so close to […]

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