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Seven Proven Ways to Overcome Army Hurry Up & Wait

Recently, we were waiting for details on whether Phil’s unit would be activated or not to help with hurricane relief. Oh, the unknown! I’m fine once he’s on the road, but the in-between is hard for me. In fact, this is not a new concept. The waiting is a test of endurance and will. As […]

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3 Ways your First Milspouse Friend is So Significant

Trying to make friends at a new duty station can be difficult, to say the very least. It can feel like going on a series of failed blind dates before you find your person. Only to find out they are PCSing in just a short couple months. It never fails. I got lucky when I […]

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Recon Rendezvous: Milspouse Advice

Welcome to AWN’s Monthly Recon Rendezvous We are so glad you are here. Just as the name implies, Recon Rendezvous is a place of community and connection. It is an opportunity to explore and learn about our fellow Army supporters’ lives, victories, trials, and experiences. Each month, we “rendezvous” here to provide information, resources, and encouragement.  Oh, and be […]

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