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Why Small Town Duty Stations Are the Best

To each their own, but my family and I have always preferred the small town atmosphere as opposed to the busy, chaotic city life when it comes to duty stations. Every small town you get assigned to, you will find those people. The ones that make you question every desire you had to PCS to […]

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If There Was a Dating App for Finding a New BFF

If there was a “Dating” app for finding new friends at each new duty station, my profile might read something like this: Hi, my name is Grace and I am seeking new friends! I moved here a few weeks ago, and now that I am settled into my house I have to get out or […]

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The People That You Meet

Military spouses are the most resilient people I have ever met. It’s funny that I never used the word resilient until becoming a military spouse myself. After making many friends from various stations, I have learned we military spouses are tough, the exact definition of resilient because of the always-evolving life situations thrown at us. […]

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