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…totally worth it!

Getting on my knees to scrub the kitchen floor and baseboards… a back-breaking chore. Changing bedsheets on all the beds–though I just did it this weekend– a major PITA (Pain in the you-know-what). Grocery shopping for everything on payday… totally insane. Completely clearing our calendars for 6 days on short notice… normally I’d say no. […]

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A Brief Exchange……..A Deep Connection

Today my sons and I went to the airport. My oldest was flying out to visit with family for a month. As we parked in the airport parking lot, we all noticed a soldier and his family. My sons were captivated.“Look a soldier!!” —-my 8 year old.“He looks like Dad!!” — my 10 year old“Daddy!!”—-my […]

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Resilience Personified

This picture just hit my email. It may be a bit old, but I was thinking about resiliency after the AWTR shows with Deborah Tainsh. And, this picture of this particular ship is just a great analogy, I thought. Had the terrorists known how resilient the US was, that we’d convert the torrent of twisted […]

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