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It’s Possible To Have Male Friends!……Right?

As Army Wives, unfortunately, we have a lot of time alone (and by that I obviously don’t mean the nice relaxing in hot bubble bath kind, lol). We use the term “Army Wife” frequently because, as we know, the majority of Army spouses are female. But what about the men? What about those male spouses […]

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But Can You Volunteer For Just One More Thing?

The other day I was chatting over Yahoo! Messenger with a long lost bud from our last move. She marveled over all of the new endeavors I was working on while my husband is going back to school. “How are you able to do all this stuff?” she asked. My reply: “I’m taking a temporairy […]

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The Surreal Life

Yesterday was a big day for my family. My husband left for his first deployment. The kids and I went, of course, to say goodbye to him. There were moments of tears and sadness, but also overwhelming pride. I did pretty well I thought, no major break downs (and that remains to now, which is […]

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