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Coffee Shop Talk

Hey there! Super stoked to be here with you all. I almost wish though that we could just meet up at a cool coffee shop somewhere, find a great table in a quiet area, and have low jazz playing in the background so that we can carry on with great conversation whilst taking a much […]

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Five Ways to Help Your Military Child Cope with Separation

It’s inevitable. At some point, the service member will deploy, embark on a temporary duty assignment, or leave to spend time in the field. It’s often difficult on our military kids, especially the younger ones who aren’t sure how to process the information. In addition, military children are separated from extended family like grandparents, aunts, […]

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5 Tips to “Embracing the Suck”

It’s no secret that military spouses are some of the toughest folks around. But just because we are strong, tough, and resilient doesn’t mean that we avoid difficulty. While we would love to pretend that everything is sunshine, rainbows, and puppy dog tails, that’s about as believable as me saying I will never eat chocolate […]

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