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100 Years and Counting – Part One

I am a Big Red One Spouse. If you’ve been to any kind of ceremony on Fort Riley in the recent past, you have probably heard something similar to that. This year, the 1st Infantry Division is celebrating its 100 year anniversary and it’s not to be outdone. The official anniversary is June 8th, but […]

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Meet Katy

Four is my number. It’s the number of times my bank account zeroes out every month. It’s the number of children my husband and I struggle to keep alive every day. It’s the number of household items that break down the first week after the Army calls the mister away. And it’s the number of […]

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August Tides

We are heading into August ‘round these parts, y’all! This summer flew by; I keep saying it to everyone. I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about it. It did though. Gone are our chances for the lazy, read-for-hours days of summer. Which, we never really had. Between swimming in our backyard, going to friends […]

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