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The Perfect FRG

Author’s note: This article is dedicated to Beverly Clark, my first FRG Leader who has shaped me into the hands-on military spouse that I am today.  For those of you who’ve experienced myriad successful and not-so-successful Family Readiness Groups throughout your military journeys, don’t fret because this is totally the norm! Do you use your […]

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Forward, March: Just a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Welcome to this month’s installment of our “Forward, March!” blog series. “Forward, March!” is meant to empower, encourage, and equip us as military spouses, so that we may support our service members with ever-deepening levels of strength and perseverance. Our hope is that the topics discussed in “Forward, March!” will be not only informative, but […]

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Celebrating Volkstrauertag as an American Living in Germany

Living overseas offers plenty of new opportunities for Americans: food, traditions, cultural events, and more. It’s probably the best part about the experience and why I urge people to accept an OCONUS posting if one is offered. During my first year living in Bavaria, a heavily Catholic state in Germany, I learned about the various […]

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