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When You’ve Bloomed

The Army decided to plant me in Mississippi back in November 2015. Plant? Why, yes. As military spouses, you may have been offered the sage advice to “bloom where you’re planted” at least once or twice before. How do you measure how much you’re blooming, or if you’re even budding? It’s probably not in a […]

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It’s All a Question of Balance

When we’re younger, most of us dream about the future. That doesn’t stop as we age. Many of us continue to dream about the future even as mature adults. We think about our spouse’s or our next career move, how our children will grow and develop, create that 10- or 15-year plan. I turned 30 […]

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How To Keep Your Career Intact Through a PCS

Most likely, at some point in your milspouse life, you’re going to move. If you work outside the home, this means you will need to find yourself a new job. Depending on your career choice, this can be a difficult task. It’s even more difficult if your family is sent to a remote location. However, […]

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5 Reasons Why Milspouses Should Start a Blog

Did you know that being a milspouse is the perfect lifestyle to begin writing a blog? Writing a blog is a great way to share your thoughts and feelings as well as meet a new community of friends. After PCS’ing across the country for the first time four years ago, we were surrounded by unfamiliar […]

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10 Teacher Appreciation Gifts to Knock Their Socks Off!

My dad was a teacher for 39 years before he retired. He taught fourth grade for the majority of his career, but also taught fifth through eighth grades, too. Growing up with a parent who was a teacher didn’t have many perks. When he was my fourth grade teacher, he made me bring home field […]

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An open letter to the military spouse who is also a student.

To the Spouse Who is Also a Student

Dear military spouse who is also a student, I know your struggle, because until just a few months ago, I was that spouse. I couldn’t move with my husband when he came to a new duty station because I was in school. I couldn’t visit because I couldn’t miss any more classroom time. Because I […]

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Accepted! (With Caution?)

These were the words that popped up on my email notifications first thing last Monday morning. I rubbed my eyes, sat up, and clicked on the email to read further. A few weeks before I had applied to graduate school and apparently I was accepted…with caution. A million thoughts ran through my mind, most of them […]

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