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Workout Revelation

The one thing I wish I had more of (besides money) is time. More time to get everyone ready in the morning, more time to meal plan, more time to run errands, more time to spend with family, and lastly, more time to work out. I get it. We are supposed to work out every […]

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Struggling? You Are Not Alone

Once upon a time, someone started a ridiculous rumor that military spouses should be the strongest people on the planet, because asking for help and verbalizing life struggles are signs of weakness. What a silly fairy tale, right? Unfortunately, so many of us (myself included) have believed this “story” to be true for much too […]

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The Lesson I Learned from my iPhone Battery

It’s no secret that many aspects of our lives, especially as military spouses, are very serious. The challenges, the unknowns, the changed no-plan-plans. All. Of. It. And if we aren’t careful, we (ahem, as in– myself) can get sucked down with a pretty negative attitude. In the seriousness of this world, I’m on a mission […]

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