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The Doctors Said It Was Just ADHD

In 2016 we learned that my husband would be sent to Korea for a year. I battled back and forth with different options, but ultimately decided to stay with my parents while he was gone. By February 2017, we were now living with my parents and began the process of settling in. Three of our […]

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Be Kindness

Did you know that February 17 is National Act of Kindness Day? I mean, honestly, every day is “a day” but how great is this one?! It’s better than National Walk Around Things Day, National Lumpy Rug Day, and National Paper Bag Day (yes, I kid you not, these are actual “days” held on April […]

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New Year, Same You—With Style

Every year, like clockwork, we start planning our New Year’s resolutions. We vow to have more gym time, drink more water, read a few extra books, and possibly curb the usage of a certain four-letter word. Personally, I have several resolutions spinning around in my mind—my list keeps getting longer every day. I want to […]

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How to Thrive as an Introverted Milspouse

My husband and I are opposites in so many ways, but most noticeably when it comes to the introversion vs. extroversion scale. Phil’s extroversion has played well into his military career. One time, he was staying in the barracks at Ft. McCoy where there were open-bay toilets. He said that he sat so close to […]

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Stop Comparing

“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt Comparison is a thief. It is destructive. It can almost be classified as self harm when we compare our lives to those we envy. How do we fight our need to compare? How do we really know what we want for ourselves? How about we just […]

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Budgeting Time With YearCompass

Have you heard of the magic bank account? The first time I heard of it, I was attending a faculty meeting at the elementary school where I was teaching. Believe me, all teachers want a magic bank account, so our principal certainly had our attention when she brought it up. I was not able to find the […]

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This is Me: Style with Monica B

Hello everyone! I’m Monica, the newest contributor for AWN. I’m honored to be part of this community, but also insanely intimidated. I’m a mom to a vivacious four-year-old unicorn (I mean, daughter), a proud Army wife, and an expert spiraler of emotions. I’m an encourager of women, adventurer, devoted traveler, lover of fashion, and a […]

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