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Five Ways to Love the Unlovable on Valentine’s Day

What if we spent February 14th loving the unlovable? Valentine’s Day is mostly associated with romantic, heart-pounding romance or loyal, long-lasting love. The focus tends to be on reservations for dinner or the (often over the top) flowers, balloons, candy, and stuffed animals that flood our schools, offices, and social media posts. It is a day […]

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Small Gesture, Big Impact: 14 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Loved

Whenever Valentine’s Day rolls around each year, it’s when most people take the time to show some major love to their partner. Be it with flowers, chocolates, jewelry, or other major purchases, you’re likely to see plenty of people in the check-out line buying last-minute gifts to show appreciation. But these big gifts aren’t really […]

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Smashing Military Spouse Stereotypes

I’d like to tackle a traditional military spouse stereotype of…(gasp)…the officer’s wife. We’ve all seen these women at functions, probably wearing makeup and Spanx, walking around and talking to everyone, maybe even smiling at everyone through her teeth. Who does she think she is? I will never forget my first introduction to the stereotypical officer’s […]

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