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Doing the Hard Things

I made it to 8 months pregnant! It’s crazy how fast time is flying. This week I had to attend childbirth classes at the hospital. Without my husband. I already wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of attending a childbirth class, but I am even less of a fan of doing it alone. Since I […]

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End of Deployment Season

Our deployment season is coming to an end. Thankfully. Yet I’m a little hesitant since we just got into the groove of things. We made a big switch from homeschooling to public schooling. We are still getting the hang of our routine, yet adding one more person may just throw us for another loop. Do […]

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The Final Countdown

The time has finally come where I can count the number of weeks ’til my husband is home on my ten fingers. It’s a very exciting time in the Garvin home as we all talk about the end of this deployment, the journey back to Kansas, and how I plan to set up the house […]

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