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Disconnect to Reconnect

For better or worse, I am glued to my phone a lot of the time. Being an on-call nanny, and then a military spouse, and then a parent has made it way more intense, and I have an addictive personality to begin with. I also have two jobs that deal heavily with email contact and […]

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Deployment Battle Buddy

Deployments are a challenge and every one of them is different. Anyone who has been through one, or half a dozen, knows that. Our lives change abruptly and no matter how much planning has been done, a new and unknown monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix. Under normal circumstances, this would be where you […]

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Raising a Military Child

This month, families all over the world are celebrating the month of the military child. It didn’t really hit me that I’m raising a military child till the other day when my daughter was admiring a new piece of wall décor I recently got. It’s a wooden board that hangs in our living room that […]

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