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5 Key Steps to Celebrating a Special Milestone During Deployment

My heart skipped a beat as the familiar Skype ring tone filled the room. When my husband’s pixelated, but undeniably handsome face came into view, tears filled my eyes. I wasn’t sure this special moment was going to be able to happen. My husband shipped out on a year-long deployment shortly before our son’s first […]

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Part Two: How Being An Army Wife Prepared Me For A Month In New Zealand

Now that I am back home in Ohio, I can say that my daughter and I survived New Zealand. That might sound a little strange, surviving touring a country for 30 days, but after forty hours of traveling each way, I do feel parts of our trip required some serious skills. Thankfully, being an Army wife […]

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Dear Deployment Gnome

Dear Deployment Gnome, A number of months back you moved in and brought all your mischief and problems with you. At first we struggled and fought and you wore me out – it was nothing but an uphill battle. Then when life continued, you continued to pop up and see how many different bumps you could […]

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