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Family Night Movie Night

When we were stationed at Fort Drum about five years ago I had this momentary, OK well, maybe not momentary, but gnawing sadness about my kids. We were there for a total of three years and between training exercises, deployments, schools, and selections we, as a family unit, only spent nine months together. And that’s […]

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Not Your Average Deployment Playlist

During my husband’s past four deployments and other various Army separations, the thing that has kept us connected the most is music. From CDs to Spotify accounts, our methods have changed, but the tradition has not. He makes a playlist, I make a playlist, and we exchange them and it keeps us going while he […]

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Current Situation… Chris Stapleton*

*Secondary title: Battle Buddies, Jesus, and Chris Stapleton. Author’s note: This article is dedicated to JoJo and all the Blue Star Spouses currently waiting on their service members! Last week, my civilian neighbor stopped by with a bottle of wine and asked if she could (and I quote) “be on my Deployment Team?” My neighbors here in […]

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