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Promoting Positive PCS Energy

  It’s that time of year again! When “the lists” are sent out by branch managers to our soldiers with location and job options for an impending PCS move. Five months from now, our family will embark on yet another PCS (AKA “Arnett Adventure”) to add to our family historical chronicles. This will mark our […]

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NEW DUTY STATION: How to Stop Feeling Lonely and Lost

I’m just over a week into our new duty station. We arrived at Fort Bragg. It hasn’t been an easy transition for me. My husband insisted on a DITY move…but he left early, which meant I was responsible for packing up our 3,000 square foot dream house (And garage. And basement. And yard.). Add to […]

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This is Reality

Growing up, my best friend and I loved to talk to each other in movie quotes. We would converse by stealing lines from the movies we had loved and seen together. I even remember gifting her a calendar of quotes as a present. I hope it was a daily calendar. Hope that I actually sat […]

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