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NEW DUTY STATION: How to Stop Feeling Lonely and Lost

I’m just over a week into our new duty station. We arrived at Fort Bragg. It hasn’t been an easy transition for me. My husband insisted on a DITY move…but he left early, which meant I was responsible for packing up our 3,000 square foot dream house (And garage. And basement. And yard.). Add to […]

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This is Reality

Growing up, my best friend and I loved to talk to each other in movie quotes. We would converse by stealing lines from the movies we had loved and seen together. I even remember gifting her a calendar of quotes as a present. I hope it was a daily calendar. Hope that I actually sat […]

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3 Ways To Embrace Your New Location

Military life usually means that every two to four years you will move to a new location. Sometimes it turns out well, and other times not so much. Unfortunately, too often we hear that a military family has broken up because they moved to a new location and couldn’t find happiness. Usually when a move […]

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