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Hotel Living: Not as Romantic as it Sounds

So we have begun our 3-month stay at Ft. Jackson. At first I thought my hubby and I, on an extended “vacation,” no chores, no cooking. Just me and my honey hanging out in a hotel room together–how romantic! Umm, no. We are finishing out our first month and let me tell you, as I […]

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The PCS Itch

PCS season is upon us and I have the PCS itch. My family has officially been at our duty station long enough to watch familiar faces pack up and head off to new adventures. All the houses in my neighborhood are emptying out which means that my neighbors, my people who have become my friends, […]

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PCS and Procrastination

Many people might not know this about me, but I am the queen of procrastination. You wouldn’t think I would be. Every Monday I make a “to do” list of all the homework that’s due for the week. But then I promptly wait until the weekend to get it done. Eight-page paper? Eh, I’ll start […]

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