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First time PCSing?? Well please learn from my mistakes, for your sanity, please invest your time and money into putting your stuff in actual boxes!!

MY PCS Nightmare!

As I look around my house full of stuff, I can’t help but start envisioning the packing process! We have so much stuff and I don’t even want to deal with it, but I don’t want to get rid of it either! I love the home we have created together here at Ft. Benning. And […]

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Home for the Holidays?

Each year it seems like a difficult decision comes up: Do we go home for the holidays or not? For some, this may be a topic that isn’t relevant. For others, it may be based on their current situation, i.e. deployment. Then there’s the other group. This group, while the decision may still be discussed, […]

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What I Hope They Remember

Like 99.9% of military families, we live far (very far, in fact) away from our extended family. When we got our orders last summer, my mom even remarked, “I feel like you’re moving half a world away.” Truthfully, it does feel like that, especially during the summer. In the summer our schedules are not as […]

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