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The Journey Continues

The weather is beginning to break with cooler mornings, which is ideal for walks or runs. In the last column I made reference to getting back to the basics. Where are you with your fitness? No matter who I speak with, there are a variety of reasons why people exercise and your reason is no […]

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Getting Back to the Basics

Is there a point where you feel that you have to get back to the basics and start all over again? Your fitness program can be interrupted by family, work, injury, and health issues. The initial reaction is to try to figure out how long you will be out of commission. The amount of time […]

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Staying Away from Dehydration

The heat is back and that means hydration comes into play with your exercise program. A few general things to keep in mind: A water bottle or hydration pack is critical. The symptoms of dehydration are cramps, dizziness, and fatigue. Before your workout Have an energy bar an hour before you start your work out. […]

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