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“Zero To Ten In Six”.. Month Three

Roll Call…. At this point we have the serious runners who have made the commitment to see this journey to the end. Your body has been going through a few adjustments and the aches and pains have risen to the surface. We are approaching the halfway point and there is no turning back. The following […]

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“Zero To Ten In Six”… Month Two

Time for the Roll Call! Has anyone seen Mary and Susie? Oh no! I can’t be dropping people already. If you are joining now you are late and that calls for 10 pushups. It has been a month and OUR journey is going to continue until we reach the goal of 10 miles. If it […]

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Zero to Ten in Six

Before I let on what the topic means, it’s time to level set. Look at this as your first day of class where the instructor goes over the lesson plan for the course. During the period you can work individually or in a group, whichever is more desirable. You are reading this because you have […]

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