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Field Problem – Motivating & Recognizing Volunteers

I was just tasked with starting a Family Readiness Group (FRG) from “scratch”. Do you have any suggestions on how to get, keep, motivate, and recognize our volunteers?

Joanne; Fort Bliss, TX;
Active Duty Army; 5 years

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Field Problem – OPSEC

Are my e-mails and/or letters to my husband being read? Seriously, I’m not trying to sound paranoid, but someone from his ship told me they were. I’d just like to know, if this is common practice, why.
Shannon; Naval Base Kitsap (WA);
Active Navy spouse; 20 months

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First Ever Field Exercise(tm)! Dreams Do Come True!

WOW! Yesterday was an amazing day. I saw all of my dreams come true and really felt like I was doing “what I was supposed to be doing.” We did our Spouse Field Exercise at Fort Stewart. Normally, I would have been humble, accepted thanks, and wondered if we really did do a good job. […]

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