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How We “Deployment”

Yep, it’s true. Deployments are one of the hardest (and lamest!) parts of this Army wife life. But in true Army wife fashion, we don’t have time to wallow in the challenge. Sure, we can give ourselves permission to feel bummed out about it, but we just can’t park there for too long. After all, […]

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Can’t Wait to Come Home

“I can’t wait to be home.” This was the text I received from my husband earlier today, about six months into our most recent deployment.  The funny thing is, he won’t be coming home to a place he knows. I’m packing our kids and saying goodbye to my family, moving across the country, and unpacking […]

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Family Night Movie Night

When we were stationed at Fort Drum about five years ago I had this momentary, OK well, maybe not momentary, but gnawing sadness about my kids. We were there for a total of three years and between training exercises, deployments, schools, and selections we, as a family unit, only spent nine months together. And that’s […]

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