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Current Situation… Chris Stapleton*

*Secondary title: Battle Buddies, Jesus, and Chris Stapleton. Author’s note: This article is dedicated to JoJo and all the Blue Star Spouses currently waiting on their service members! Last week, my civilian neighbor stopped by with a bottle of wine and asked if she could (and I quote) “be on my Deployment Team?” My neighbors here in […]

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When the Burden of Deployment is Heavy

Everyone has troubles. We all know that. Every person you see is carrying something heavy. Many times they aren’t sure if they will be able to carry it at all. Then there is the burden of deployment. And that one is killer. That one is hard. Harder than most. This is in part due to […]

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In the Spaces (another deployment poem)

I miss you in the spaces. When the world is still. After the phone calls stop, errands end And the day has had its fill. I glide through the chaos Through the noise Every busy hour ’til I miss you in the spaces When the world is still.   I miss you in the faces. […]

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Away: A Deployment Poem

The oldest one got taller While you’ve been away She learned to count and say her prayers She learned that life’s not always fair That ugly things turn to butterflies That even mommy sometimes cries Learned friends are made by being kind And daddy’s sometimes hard to find I try to hold on to each […]

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AWN TableTalk: Reintegration After Deployment

Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and let’s discuss how to do military life together! On this episode, the AWN TableTalk panel discusses what reintegration after deployment may look like and how to find a new normal within your family after your service member returns home, with special guest Noelle Rasmussen. Hosts: […]

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I Want a Round Daddy

We got our Flat Daddy last week. A Flat Daddy is a life-sized image of your deployed soldier. You can attach the picture to cardboard or Styrofoam to give it more stability so he can join you on your daily activities. I have heard of Flat Daddies that went to weddings and family reunions (usually […]

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Dear Deployment Diary

Dear Deployment Diary, Season: Departure Here you are once again. The time has come to wipe the tears, push my shoulders back, and endure you. I have little ones at home and they need a strong mama. But what do I do when I don’t feel strong? What do I say when I have no […]

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