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Keep Kids Safe with Packets Up!

*Sponsored by the American Cleaning Institute As a military family, one of the biggest life challenges we face comes during a permanent change of station (PCS). One of my favorite parts of the process is (finally) getting the keys to our new-to-us house, usually after weeks of traveling and/or living out of a suitcase in […]

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Carrying Military Memories with The Bradford Exchange

Sponsored by the Bradford Exchange I start every military move (PCS = Permanent Change of Station) the same way: I purge, sort, and organize. Just a couple of days ago, I found myself up to my eyeballs in all of our memories from our storage closet. We are getting ready for another PCS in just […]

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Walmart’s Welcome Home Veterans Commitment: “I don’t know how you do it…”

*Sponsored by Walmart I hear it all the time. A stranger looks at me as I’m at the store by myself with four kids under seven. The stranger takes a deep breath and utters those familiar words: “I don’t know how you do it…” The tone in which they say these words can indicate “Wow, […]

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The Breastfeeding Shop: Work Smarter, Not Harder

*Sponsored by The Breastfeeding Shop Confession: I am always on the lookout for ways to make life just a little less complicated. Big picture speaking, life in general throws challenges at us almost daily. Add in the military life plus kids, and wowzers—sign me up for microwave meals, a housekeeper, and the online grocery pick-up […]

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12 Strong Movie: AWN Goes to Hollywood

Travel and accommodations were provided by Warner Bros. Pictures.   In theaters January 19, 2018 The alarm went off. My bleary eyes slowly focused on the time. 3:45am. Uffda! There were few things that would get me up before the sun: my crying baby, saying yet another see-ya-later to my beloved infantryman before a duty-required departure, or […]

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Why I Love Having Friends Who Have a Spouse In the Military

*Sponsored by Operation In Touch Why I Love Having Friends Who Have a Spouse In the Military   Friends! We all need them, and making friends with other military spouses has been one of the highlights of my military life journey. They have helped me see that I am not alone and that other spouses […]

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What You Should Do When You First PCS To a New Duty Station

*Sponsored by Operation In Touch PCS season is here. I know quite a few people who will be leaving and a lot of my online friends are moving, too. A lot of military families move in the summer, which is why they call that time of year PCS season. There is always so much to […]

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