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Travel Fitness on the Holiday Road

Military spouses and their families appreciate that travel can be both incredibly rewarding and immensely stressful—especially during the holidays. And more often than not, one of the first casualties of a busy travel schedule is their own wellness.

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5 Tips for Your Best Staycation Ever

By Jen McDonald Maybe you recently PCSed, and the idea of bundling your family into a vehicle again gives you hives. Or maybe it’s not your family’s turn for a PCS this summer, but your budget doesn’t allow for too much travel, your spouse is deployed, or you simply would rather explore more of the […]

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Surfside Vacation Destinations Near Military Bases

By Mary Ann Eckberg Rolling waves glisten and sparkle under the effervescent rays of morning sunshine. A soothing breeze off the water sweeps the hair from your eyes as you gaze across the sand and surf. There’s no stress here! It’s the perfect setting for the getaway trip you’ve been longing for. Suddenly, a car […]

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