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Army Wife In Training

Never in my life did I think the title “Army Wife” would refer to small town me. Nine years ago, I was a 16-year-old high school girl chasing after love in my free time from school and sports. One afternoon, I walked into study hall and my future was sitting right there—the curly headed, nerdy, […]

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The PCS Itch

PCS season is upon us and I have the PCS itch. My family has officially been at our duty station long enough to watch familiar faces pack up and head off to new adventures. All the houses in my neighborhood are emptying out which means that my neighbors, my people who have become my friends, […]

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Aging Better than a Banana!

I turned 35 this month. The age before 36. The age after 34. Kevin Durant’s number. The age halfway to 70. I don’t feel 35. Most people tell me I don’t look 35. When you’re 16, 35 feels like a lifetime away. When you’re 25, still feels far off. When you’re 30…well, yikes 5 more […]

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