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When TDY is A-OK

In our house, I’m The Locator. My kids will joke that I can find Jimmy Hoffa, and they are two generations too young to know who Jimmy Hoffa was. You name it, I can find it. Beloved stuffed animals, the remote control, the checkbook, the washing machine. In addition to being The Locator, I’m also […]

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“You’ve got a friend in me”

I admit at our first duty station I had no friends for several months. I was a new military wife, new mom, my husband deployed within the first month of moving there, and it was lonely! I struggled meeting people at Fort Hood. I was this Midwest girl in Texas where everything is bigger, the […]

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The Three C’s of FRG

“They are full of bickering, back-stabbing women who will use their husband’s rank against you.” “It will be a waste of your time and energy.” “Don’t join or else you’ll be sucked into doing a bunch of stuff you don’t really want to do.” Those are the initial responses I received from my inquiry about […]

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